Extend the Life of your Mattresses

As a mattress store we know that when you buy a mattress, it's an investment. You don't want to buy a new mattress every couple of years. So, how to lengthen your mattress's life span? Here are a few tips.

Like a Record, Baby

Weight is an issue with mattresses so it's important to be mindful of rotating your mattress. Rotating is important so that you sleep on a different side of a mattress and your weight is being distributed evenly. According to an article in HGTV, you should turn your mattresses about four times a year to effectively take care of it. Notice that rotating is not flipping. If you purchase a mattress at the Sleep Shop, you should not flip your mattress. We have been in the business of selling quality, one-sided mattresses for many years.


All the Support You Need

Making sure you have a good bed frame that provides a strong center support for a queen or king sized mattress. Bowing and breaking can be a huge issue if your bed frame is of poor quality.


Cleaning Sucks

Although it might sound weird, vacuuming your mattress is one of the best ways to clean your mattress. In fact, it is the only recommended cleaning method. It efficiently gets rid of dirt, pollen, dust, and much more! If you have spilled something, “dab at it with warm, soapy water, but avoid getting it any more wet than you have to since moisture creates a breeding ground for mold.” After that, let it dry completely before you remake your bed.


Better Safe than Sorry

Getting a mattress pad is not only perfect to add a little firmness or fluff to your mattress, but it also prevents stains and preserves freshness. Look into different types of mattress pads and decide what works best for you.


Time to Say Goodbye

No matter how long you try to take care of mattress, none of them last forever. In an article by Sleep, a mattress may or may not always show wear. Whether it's “coils poking through or saggy edges” or a subtle uncomfortability, it might be time to stop by the Sleep Shop in Lubbock, Odessa, Midland, or Amarillo to get a new mattress.

If you need more tips about how to take care of your mattress, give us a call at The Sleep Shop. We are here to help you


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