Better Sleep: Time To Relax

When we decide to go to bed our minds should be free of everything that happened during the day and our eyes should fall shut in minutes. However, many of us undergo hours of tossing and turning before we actually get to dreamland. This is because our brains can’t switch off due to us not being able to relax. It is very important that you are calm when you go to bed to get the most out of your sleep cycle. The best way to do this is to buy a quality mattress or bed from The Sleep Shop.

A new mattress or new bed will immediately put you in a better position to fall asleep. You might have to get used to the bed or mattress but it will definitely pay off in the long run. Better back posture can allow your mind to be at ease without any effort on your part, plus who doesn’t like the soft feel of a new bed? Here are a few more ways that you can incorporate after buying a new mattress in order to become calm after the day, relax your mind, and drift off to sleep.

Relaxation exercises

Just as there are physical exercises for your body (which are also very important for good sleep) there are also exercises that you can perform in order to help you sleep at night. As you lay in bed, take a deep breath and slowly blow it back out through your mouth. You can do this a few times and you will feel yourself becoming calmer by the second. Another exercise can be to close your eyes and imagine you are on an enormous feather bed. With every exhale imagine yourself falling deeper into the soft feather bed. You will be asleep in no time.

Think and write down your anxieties

A few hours before you go to bed sit down and write down about the things that worry you at night. You will be likelier to solve these problems or habits once you have identified them and wrote them down in order of priority. This way you can tell yourself that you will start working on them from the bottom up and thus forming a plan of action. Having a plan to reduce the stress in your life will help you to cope with it and thus improve your sleep.

Use your bed for the right purposes

The brain is a weird and wonderful thing and the reason why we sleep better on a bed than on a couch, for example, is because we have been doing it all these years. We associate the bed with sleeping. It is important that you use the bed for sleeping or intimacy and not use it for work or studying. The brain will become tricked into thinking that it needs to be awake when you are in bed, thus spoiling your entire sleep cycle altogether.

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