Better Sleep: Remove Work, Distractions, And Electronics

When we come home at night we are tired, no doubt. We have a million things to do after work, like making dinner, feeding the pets, putting the children to bed, and do even more work after hours! Our busy lives have become so imposing that we forget what is important – a good night’s rest. It is very important that we learn how to remove these things from our lives, let our minds and bodies switch off and to focus on sleeping well at night.

A very good way to start doing this is to buy a mattress or buy a bed that will make you excited for sleeping again. A new mattress or a new bed will transform the environment of your room and your mind will be more susceptible to the idea of sleep rather than the idea of work. Many people do not realize this but the right mattress and the right bed can make the world’s difference when it comes to winding down. Here are a few tips you can use to calm down after a day’s work and get ready for a good night’s rest.

Remove work

You need to get into the habit of leaving work at work. You know the saying ‘don’t bring your problems to work’? The same is in reverse: don’t bring your work home with you. Do what you can at work and leave the rest for the next day. If it is something important, rather put in the extra hours in the office than to bring that kind of stress home with you. If you go to bed knowing that you have tons of paperwork sitting in the livingroom there is no way you will be able to unwind and fall asleep.

Remove distractions

When you get into bed at night you need to forget about everything. Forget about the kids’ projects that are due, forget about your wife’s upcoming birthday, forget that the in-laws are coming for dinner – just focus on sleeping. Distractions do exactly that: they distract and when you allow distractions into your bedroom it could have dire consequences on the way you sleep which in turn has a negative effect on the way you run the next day. Make a cup of tea, listen to some calming music or read and disappear from the world around you.

Remove electronics

How many of us have fallen asleep with our phones in our hands or on the couch with the TV blaring? This might be an easy way to fall asleep but it is most certainly not the best. Electronics keep your mind awake and racing with the super-fast speed by which we absorb information. Hours after we have watched a program or read something on our phones our brains are still processing it. This means that even when you think you are sleeping after using an electronic, you are actually not which leaves you tired the next day. Get rid of electronics and try a different relaxation technique.

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