How do Mattress Warranties Work?

Mattress warranties are carried through the manufacturer. Warranty periods can vary depending on the quality level of the mattress purchased. Warranty periods of 1, 5 and 10 years are standard and generally cover full replacement cost of the mattress. Manufacturers break down warranty periods in different ways.

The majority of the products sold by the Sleep Shop carry a full 10 year warranty. The warranty also states that the manufacturer is not responsible for transportation of a warrantable replacement product and most retailers charge for this, Sleep Shop does not.

All manufacturers require you to keep and present your payment receipt when you issue a claim. For an innerspring mattress, the warranty covers a spring sticking out(very rare), but the largest warranty issue is body impressions or sagging. For body impression to be a warrantable issue, the body impression must be 1.5 inches on an innerspring mattress and 3/4 of an inch for a memory foam product such as Tempur-pedic.

Most retailers do not do the warranty inspection, the Sleep Shop does, but instead have the consumer measure and send pictures to determine if there is an issue. Some retailers use a service to do warranty inspections and charge a fee for the inspection. Again, the Sleep Shop will do the warranty inspection on any product we sell, except Tempur-pedic, at no charge. Tempur-pedic will have the consumer measure and take pictures and then submit to Tempur-pedic either online or through the mail.

This inspection process is the most frustrating issue for the consumer as they tend to dispute the measurement. Also, most consumers have not read what the warranty covers and have not retained the warranty card that is delivered with the mattress(it is attached to the mattress). Bear in mind that some impression or sagging is normal in a mattress, and a change in comfort of the mattress not caused by excessive sagging is not covered by the warranty.

Another issue that comes up is that only the defective part is replaced, ie., if the mattress is found to be broken down, but the box spring is not, then only the mattress is replaced.